Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Chance to win...and hopefully get some HELP!

So yes, I know. I'm a horrible blogger. I just have not been feeling like I'm doing a great job of all of this. I completely destroyed my buttermilk starter. I need/want to get a sourdough starter and a kefir starter going but am nervous about doing so...I'm just afraid of failing again.

I know this is going to take practice. As a friend has told me time and again, this is something that most women used to learn from birth. I am just starting into this process of nutritional and traditional foods and hoping that I can start to get a handle on all of it somehow.

I am extremely sensitive when it comes to my husband's reaction of my cooking. I want him to love it. I want to know it tastes good. But in the world of trial and error, one with a steep learning curve, sometimes that just doesn't happen.

And there is still so much I don't know. Which is why I need some help. I need the expertise of someone who has been in my shoes - done this, been there and learned how to make it work for them.

And there are such people! Wonderful women who have been doing this for years now and are willing to share what they have learned with us.

One of those women is Jenny from Nourished Kitchen. She is going to be having a 12 week online class on learning how to cook traditional foods. Anything and everything from fermented vegetables to how to cook grass-fed meats, baked goods, etc! Her class looks amazing.

And even more, Ann Marie over at Cheeseslave is having an awesome contest where I could WIN a free enrollment in the class!! This is SO exciting to me - just what I need to get me motivated and back on the bandwagon.

Here are the details if you are interested:

How to Cook Real Food Online Class

YAY!! I really, really would love to win. I guess we'll see!

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